Saturday, 23 July 2016

53 Booty-Sculpting Exercises
                    Not all of us are lucky enough to be born with a bubble butt, and that’s the hard truth. We have to work for it. We put in grueling hours at the gym, squatting, lunging and doing donkey kicks. If you’re the woman doing squats on the mat in the corner, this article is for you. Some of us have to earn our butts, and here are 53 killer ways how.
Anyone in the market for great buttocks knows that the squat is your bread and butter. What you didn’t know was how many variations of the squat there are. You’ll read about eight effective modifications right here! The more you know, right?
1. Goblet Squats: This wide-set squat with added weight is sure to give you the tight tush you’ve been cheated of since birth. Get back what is rightfully yours by spending some quality time with this workout. Want to read more about it?                                                         
2. Squat Jump: You’ll have more booty than a pirate after you log some time with this workout. The squat jump targets your quads and glutes in a seriously big way. If you don’t feel the burn tomorrow, you didn’t give it your all!                                                                           
3. Squat and Tricep Extension: Get cheeky with this move that works not just your bottom, but also your triceps. (Double whammy!)                                                                                   4. Partial Squats: Want to have a kick-butt booty but for whatever reason can’t perform a full squat? We have you covered. The partial squat is perfect for someone without the full range of motion, because it still works your glutes and quads without going the extra distance.                                                                                                                                                             Image:Source